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Ships Passing

Oil on Aluminum Panel
16" x 54"


Oil on Aluminum Panel
13 3/4" x 44"

Backlit  34_ x47_  Oil on Panel_edited


Oil on Panel
34" x 47"

view of the bluffs_edited.jpg

View of the Bluffs

Oil on Aluminum Panel
24" x 36"

42.  Little Stand of Poplars 20_ by 48_ copy_edited.jpg

Little Stand of Poplars

Oil on panel
20" x 48"

51.  Roaming in the Gloaming 23 1_2_ by 48_ copy_edited.jpg

Roaming in the Gloaming

Oil on Panel

24" x 48"



Oil on Canvas
24" x 36"

49.  Blue 24_ by 48_ copy.jpg


Oil onPanel
24" x 36"

In Between_edited.jpg

Blue Trees

Oil on canvas
36" x 48"

31.  Winter grasses 17_ by 63_ .jpg

Winter Grasses

Oil on Panel
17" x 63"


The Last Whispers of Fall

Oil on Aluminum Panel
23" x 48"

59.  Backlit 25 3_4_ by 47 7_8_ copy_edited.jpg


Oil on canvas
25 3/4" x 47"


Foot Paths

Oil on canvas
24" x 48"


    My body of work is quiet and reflective by nature.  At first glance there is an energy of peacefulness, however underneath this stillness there is more going on.  I create a sense of mystery through the composition and playing with the aesthetic power of light moving through the landscape.  To borrow an analogy from music it's the spaces between the notes which shape the piece.  In my work I use the negative, dark spaces, what's not so apparent, to bring mystery and drama to the illumination. This is where the use of color becomes a critical aspect to the work.  I use multiple layers of translucent color to create a dynamic surface, whether it's the shadow or illuminated aspects of the piece, there is a depth created through the use of this technique.  In many ways it would be simpler to mix all of the colors at once, but through the use of translucent colors layered over each other, (sometimes up to 7 or 8 layers of paint) the work becomes vivid and energetic.  It is this dialogue that I set out to achieve when someone views my work.


  Deborah Ebbers was born in 1964, in Kalamazoo Michigan.  The daughter of two artists, Ebbers was raised in a studio and explored painting and drawing before she could talk.  Summers were spent on painting excursions with her parents and their artist friends.  These invaluable, early influences taught her, how to wield a brush and the use of color, in order to express the intricate, ever-changing interplay between landscape and the passage of light.  An avid naturalist, Ebbers grew up with a reverent wonder for the primordial world, which naturally expressed itself through the poetry of painting.


Deborah Ebbers monumental landscape paintings combine intuition, finely developed craftmanship, and discipline.  The result is an extravaganza of color and light.  To achieve the ethereal presence and luminosity that her work is known for, it is not uncommon to find ten or more layers of glaze over parts of her pieces.  Her canvases reflect a high standard of expertise, exploration, and invention, in a style that is ever evolving.


Deborah Ebbers completed a formal art education.  She attended Kendall School of Art and Design and recieved a BFA from Calvin College.  Her art work has been exhibited in numerous solo shows at Mary Bell Gallery, Chicago, Illinois; Ann Nathan Gallery, Chicago, Illinios; Marshal Gallery of Art, Scottsdale, Arizona; and Tamarack Gallery, Omena, Michigan.  She has also exhibited in SOFA, New York, and SOFA, Chicago. 


Deborah Ebbers paintings hang in select  private and corporate collections, nationally.  The corporate collections include:  Alticore Corporation, Executive Boardroom, Ada Michigan; Calvin College, Prince Business School, Grand Rapids, Michigan; University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, Arkansas; The Seminole Group, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Central Dupage Hospital, Corporate Offices, Hobart, Indiana; Prentice Women's Hospital, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, Illinois.   



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